Krystyna values and divides her time among systemic exchange efforts and creates connections-with-purpose and land-based opportunities for people to build engaged relationships between the known and unknown, the visible and luminous worlds. Through her apprenticeships, studies and commitments, as land steward, Council Carrier and wilderness guide, she supports ways that seek and receive Guidance from and through Nature and the Invisible realms.

She stewards and has been stewarded by the lands in north central Texas, known as High Hope; A Sanctuary for Retreat, whose native habitat is being managed and restored for future generations as a conservancy-in-perpetuity.

She collaborates with many to delve into the nature of nature, the essences of mutually reciprocal living systems and the philanthropy of Circle-mind and Spirit. Krystyna seeks to inspire and catalyze a balancing between ever-presenting, simultaneous paradoxes, through inquiry and exchange along with a continuous surrender to the Divine Mystery and interdependence of all Life.