Office Manager & Registrar

Carla Borella was born and raised in Porto Alegre, Brazilin a diverse family. Her ancestors are a mix of Indigenous, Europeans and Africans. Growing up in such an environment allowed her to develop a strong interest in exploring different cultures, which led her to travel around the world from a young age. She has lived in seven countries and explored many others. She speaks Portuguese, Spanish, English and Italian. Passionate about sustainability, surfing and community, she spent one year volunteering in a tiny fishing village in Nicaragua before moving to the U.S to pursue a Certificate in Sustainability at UCLA. Carla holds a B.A in Advertising and Marketing, and has ten years of experience in digital marketing having worked with global brands developing their online presence.  While in the U.S., she worked as Marketing Manager with Groundswell Community Project, a non-profit delivering Surf Therapy for women who have suffered trauma and abuse.

Carla met The Ojai Foundation back in 2015 when she spent 10 weeks volunteering and living on the land. She now serves as Office Manager & Registrar.