Brendan Clarke is a hapa father, educator, writer, and wilderness rite of passage guide. Born in Washington, D.C. to a family with a long history of foreign service, he has spent the majority of his adult life focused on supporting positive change in his home country. He received a B.A. in political science from McGill University and holds an M.A. in teaching. He has taught in a variety of settings, from public school in southwest Chicago to alternative, nature-based education in California. He sees transformative education as a form of activism, in service to cultural-scale healing, of both our human-to-human relations, and our false sense of separation from the Earth. Since childhood, Brendan has carried a passion for healing the human relationship to the planet, and especially water. In recent years, he has been involved with the Walking Water Pilgrimage, Standing Rock, and the Russian River Confluence. He is a student of nature, yoga, hunting, council, mythology, permaculture, ancestral arts and the greater dreaming of these times. He currently serves as Co-Director of The Ojai Foundation in Southern California.