Vaikko is an environmental scientist working at the intersection of technology, regulation, and finance to put sustainable water management techniques into practice in urban environments. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science and Policy from the University of Southern Maine with a concentration in Water Resources. He is an LEED Accredited Professional, a Certified Profession in Stormwater Quality, and has also invented several stormwater management systems. Vaikko currently lives with his family in Ojai, where he enjoys running and biking through the mountains, surfing the world class breaks nearby, and quality time on his yoga mat.

“Ojai began calling me away from Los Angeles in 2008, shortly after my son was born. The natural abundance of the valley, the more contemplative pace of life, and the richness of the community felt in some ways reminiscent of my youth in Maine and seemed to be an ideal place to raise a family. Once I moved here full time in 2010, I was immediately drawn to The Ojai Foundation, as an indispensable spiritual and cultural beacon for the local community and a crossroads for a global community of healers, teachers, and mystics. I see The Ojai Foundation’s approach to land stewardship as an important model of sustainability and resilience that I have been honored to help hone.”