Narmeen is a social justice advocate, researcher, and artist born in Ottawa, Canada. Narmeen holds a master’s degree in Geography from York University. As a Geographer she practices a spatial approach to problem solving and honors the deep interconnection between the physical environment and the human world. Prior to relocating to Ojai in 2015, she worked for 8 years as a dedicated program manager and human rights case worker at the Center for Equality Rights in Accommodation; using human rights legislation to combat discrimination in the rental housing market, while advocating for housing rights at the national and international level. Concurrent to this, Narmeen has served for over a decade as a community artist, facilitating over 30 community arts projects, using art-making as a means of healing individuals, communities, and landscapes. Narmeen considers her work in the world to take place at the intersection of Art, Justice, and Geography. She continues to conduct independent research and is currently working on publishing her dissertation titled “The Paint Marks the Place: The Mural Art of Resistance in Oakland, California.”

“Prior to landing in the Ojai Valley, I was advised by my elders, and those who know both my work and that of the Ojai Foundation to to pay visit. Upon arriving at the land, and sharing my story it became clear that we both had something to offer one another. I believe in the healing and transformational capacity of human connection through authentic intentional conversation. The Art of Council cultivated and practiced at the Ojai Foundation offers this medicine with accessible and beautiful form to capsulate the practice. As a bridge between many communities and cultures I believe my work with the Ojai Foundation is to help share this practice in today’s world diseased with bigotry and isolation, so desperate for healing connection. I appreciate the opportunity to serve on the Board of the Ojai Foundation.”