Margaret holds a master’s degree in Conflict Transformation from the SIT Graduate Institute. She has been active in a variety of community-building initiatives including Transition Town work in Putney, VT and a food co-op initiative in Ojai, CA. She is passionate about the positive impact that dialogue and connection can have on people, and is in the process of being trained up to be a council carrier. A mother and grandmother, she cares deeply about the way people engage with each other and with the earth, water and air that sustain life.

“I lived for many years in a small town in southeastern Vermont and experienced the way circle practices, as part of intentional community-building, strengthened and deepened connections throughout the community. When I moved to Ojai, I sought out The Ojai Foundation because I wanted more: more council practice, more experience, more community on this path. Being a member of the Board of Directors of The Ojai Foundation and helping TOF chart its course is extremely rewarding.”