Ben joined the team at The Ojai Foundation for the winter and spring to help with special projects. For the last six years he has worked with the National Outdoor Leadership School as a guide and educator, and also has a background in tree care, natural building, and permaculture. He feels honored to work at The Ojai Foundation and is grateful to spend time working on the trees in recovery from the Thomas Fire. The beauty and stillness of land that has been deeply cared for and loved over the generations continues to guide and inform his understanding of stewardship and caretaking for place – a reciprocal relationship that is expanding his awareness and appreciation for interconnectedness of living systems. He is also grateful to work with a community of people who honor the land and all its inhabitants in such respect and reverence, as well as the opportunity to live and practice council in the workplace. For Ben, The Ojai Foundation offers refuge, sanctuary, and an invitation to slow down in these fast-paced and uncertain times. Gratitude to the many hands and hearts who have participated in creating this special place!