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A Bridge to Our Future

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Thanks to everyone who supported us immediately after the fire, our RECOVER & RE-IMAGINE campaign of May 2018 was a tremendous success. The outpouring of generosity has allowed us to spend the past seven months tending to the land, business, extended community, and our values and practices. Our year has been one of unimaginable loss andcountless gifts. With the funds raised from RECOVER & RE-IMAGINE, we have been able to:

  • Remove many tons of post-fire structural debris
  • Cut and clear acres of burned brush, returning it all to the land as woodchips
  • Begin the extensive pruning and removal of damaged and dead oak and pine trees
  • Deep clean and begin to repair the structures left standing after the fire
  • Begin extensive electrical and water infrastructure repairs
  • Galvanize and oversee work crews including:
    •  Volunteer Days of Service, which put to work over 750 volunteers
    •  FEMA-, state- and county-sponsored debris removal
    •  Center for Employment training (CET), with more than 10 full-time land staff
  • Support our small-but-mighty staff to oversee the organization, including:
    •  land stewardship
    •  offsite programming
    •  fundraising & communications
    •  insurance issues
    •  working with city, county, state and federal bureaus
    •  payroll, bookkeeping, accounting, etc.
    •  visioning for the future

We literally could not have continued without our global community’s response in our time of need. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

A Bridge to Our Future:

And, our recovery effort is not over. The gate remains closed, onsite programs remain suspended, and a re-opening remains in the distance as we continue to recover. All of this means that the regular program income we rely on is also on pause.

We recognize that there is great need in many places and projects in these times of ecological, social, and economic unrest and uncertainty. We continue to trust that this place of sanctuary, inspiration, and learning will serve many. Even as we address the daily demands on the ground, we have also managed to stay focused on the horizon: a beautiful future for the vision that is The Ojai Foundation.

Will you join us in our ongoing efforts by contributing toward our Annual Fund goal of $100,000?

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Your year-end financial gift will help us close the gap between the fire and our future.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and for being part of our extended community. We will continue to share the story of this poignant time, our process of recovery, and our progress toward our future. Thank you again for your loyalty and your support.

With gratitude,

The Executive Stewardship Circle

David Bryan & Laura Whitney, Board of Directors Co-Chairs

Brendan Clarke & Sharon Shay Sloan, Co-Directors