How we do what we do, and the inner conditions we operate from are as important as our outward actions and deeds in making positive change. Aligning our identities, our processes, and our relationships with our intended outcomes is essential for the success of the FIRE Fellowship. With this in mind, the curriculum of FIRE is built on four pillars, which bridge these inner and outer journeys.



Fellows will be guided on a solo and fast. This is an opportunity for deep attunement with place and purpose. It is a time to go within.


Fellows will design and implement an individual service project in their community, or a community of their choice, with individual mentoring and support. Upon completion, participants will offer a report and presentation.


Fellows will be invited to participate in and support public event(s), including trainings, speaker series and community gatherings, as well as engage in their own inquiry-based research and ancestral tracking.


Fellows will engage in stewardship of place and relationships. Each cohort will design and implement a land-based project at The Ojai Foundation, and/or in a Fellow’s community, incorporating regenerative techniques.