The program is designed for both deep immersion, with time for integration, and self-directed learning. In this way, there is an in-breath and out-breath for the group, coming together and going apart. FIRE is composed of five in-person sessions, and punctuated with video-based conference calls between.

Foundations. Sharing Our Stories, Establishing Rhythm and Pace, Shared Practices
Feb 14-23,2020, alt: Feb 28-Mar 8 including a public council training

Deepening Surrender. Letting Go into the Bigger Story
May 25-31, 2020, including 24-hr solo in nature

Taking the Leap. Individual Service Projects
July 2-5, 2020

Sharing the Story. Presentations, Integration, Graduation and Beyond
September 4-8, 2020 alt: Oct 9-13

The Return. One of the best practices for incorporating big changes as we have learned it is to mark the one-year anniversary of a threshold or initiatory experience. In this vein, Fellows will be invited to return one year after their completion, both for a reunion and witnessing of one another one year later, as well as supporting the baton passing and community building with the next year’s cohort of Fellows.
February 2021 3 days, (dates TBD)