EXPERIENCE A DAY OF immersion in mindful service and community. Volunteers play a key role in caring for and stewarding the Land Sanctuary.



Days of Service

Participate in a day of mindful work, in community, at The Ojai Foundation Land Sanctuary. We begin and end the day in council. Projects vary, and can include gardening, earthen building, clearing and cleaning. All levels of physical ability are welcome.


We invite you to come spend a beautiful day at The Ojai Foundation Land Sanctuary, while sharing your gifts and being of service and stewardship to this magical place.

As a greeter, docent and threshold guardian, you will help to create and facilitate the conditions for deep listening, connection and magic to occur; welcoming guests upon arrival, being present in the office, sharing some of TOF’s history, stories and mission, guiding visitors through the pathways, and inviting them to discover for themselves the sacred beauty and secrets of the land. These roles are available on Saturdays or Sundays, 9am – 2pm.


Join Skip Schuckmann and his team in creating beautiful eco art on the Land Sanctuary. You will have the opportunity to learn from a brilliant artist and experience a deep connection with the natural world. If you are interested please fill the form below and we will get in touch with more details.


If you are interested in joining our volunteer team please fill the form below. We will get in touch with more details.