Acknowledging Thresholds of Transformation

The Ojai Foundation offers multi-day retreats to support individuals and groups to mark individual and collective life transitions. By combining council practice and nature-based activities, our Rites of Passage programs challenge participants to invest meaning into the changing phases and stages of life, and move into new possibilities of relationship—with self, with community and with the Earth—leadership and planetary citizenship.

In addition to offering private and public programs, our experienced staff can help you create a custom experience for your group, using our land and staff, or to be done in your home place or community. 

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I look at this trip as a gift. it came at a time of my life where it was able to answer the questions that have been resonating in my mind and a time where I could break the cycles of the past and make positive changes. I will never forget the lessons I learned, the teachers and guides I met and the experiences I lived though. It was beautiful, bringing unity, peace and balance to me, something I have been searching for for a long time. Thank you with all my heart.
Evan Akashi
Senior student
Each year I get to watch the magic happen… when age, gender, and role step aside for a time, and young people sit, face-to-face, touching hearts, being touched in tender places, moved deeply by the simple wisdom of compassion, earth, laughter and delight.
David Bryan
Head of New Roads school
I found Ojai to be an eye-opening and life changing experience. I learned so much about myself and my outlook on life, which in turn taught me so much about others. It was one of the most enriching and enlightening experience of my life.
I look at this world on a larger scale and I see the separation and the tension, and I look at these young people and I say they cannot exist in this environment. This is an opportunity for our young people to grow up together and do it in a very positive way.
Ray Tucker

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