The work of The Ojai Foundation is deeply connected to a global network of activists, watering holes of hope, and sanctuaries of cultural evolution. As we witness global systems breakdown and collapse, our commitment deepens to find and offer meaningful responses with everything we do and the way we do it. 

Land Sanctuary

The Ojai Foundation stewards an educational land sanctuary in the upper Ojai Valley. It is a place for deep learning, cross-pollination, and immersive courses and trainings, as well as renewal and sanctuary for individuals, families, communities, networks and organizations. We emphasize reciprocal relationship with people, place, home communities, and the world. 

Educational Approach

The methodology at The Ojai Foundation (TOF) has remained consistent since inception: invite people you want to learn from, steward the place, teachings and practices received, and offer what is learned to others. This includes a commitment to live the teachings, and to maintain a sustainable rhythm. It requires that we balance internal renewal and outward service, as well as care for the land. We believe that this method of doing our work in the world allows for a relevant, emergent, response, and continuous evolution of programs. 

Program Commitments


Working reciprocally, including across the generations, with key allies and collaborators.

Educational Crossroads

Inviting wisdom teachers, evolutionary thought leaders and emerging young ones, among others, to cross-pollinate.


Developing and evolving relevant and adaptive programs and practices in a changing world.


Deepening our understanding of and competence in multicultural spaces, with greater equity, truth, love and justice for all beings as our north star.

Relational Practices

Practicing relationship in all ways, including living council.


Supporting individuals, networks, organizations, families and communities to better be able to do their work in trying times.

Rites of Passage

Marking and honoring significant transitions, including with youth and elders.


Keeping care of the place we steward as central to what we do.

Sustainable Pace

Finding a rhythm and pace of programing that serves the land and offers a sustainable pace for all involved.

System Change

Working toward system change, both for the culture at large, and within the organization as well.