The Ojai Foundation has helped to launch and incubate many projects and organizations over the past four decades. Examples include Council in Schools, which later evolved to, and Center for Council, which grew out of The Ojai Foundation Center for Council Practice/Center for Council Training.

As programs or organizations have grown out of The Ojai Foundation, they have evolved into their own entities with unique missions, visions, and goals. We honor our shared history and the gifts they are now bringing into the world.

Currently, The Ojai Foundation is providing management support to two projects: The Trainers Mentoring Circle and Ways of Council. While we have mission alignment, these are independent projects, with their own governance, management and program development goals. We share common purpose with these projects, and their scope of activities furthers the mission of The Ojai Foundation. 

Trainer’s Mentoring Circle

The Trainers Mentoring Circle is an independent, fiscally sponsored project of The Ojai Foundation. Coordinated by volunteer senior trainers, who typically serve for two-year terms, the TMC stewards the paths to certification as a council trainer or facilitator in The Ojai Foundation way of council lineage. The TMC is dedicated to making facilitator and trainer certification accessible and relevant through changing times, to maintaining an independent certification body, to promoting the practice of council, and to fostering ongoing communication and collaboration between and among practitioners. 

The aim of the Ways of Council project, or WOC, is to cultivate, promote and bear witness to circle-based practices, including but not exclusive to the Way of Council. WOC objectives include bearing witness to the continuation and re-emergence of circles, convening practitioners to evolve practices and increasing visibility of and access to circle practices through a website and educational materials. To date, WOC has developed a website featuring council and many circle-based practices, translated The Way of Council into Arabic, and convened a gathering of international council practitioners. Through these and other efforts, WOC strives to have more and more people know the gift of listening, learning, working, thinking and living as a circle.


2021-2022 Annual Report Here


Blk Crcl

Blk Crcl is a Black-led initiative aiming to facilitate the generational healing of Black people and Black communities impacted by historical and current systems of racial and social oppression. Through our partnership, we prioritize equity and access to healing, nature-connection, and transformative education.