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Re-Calling Our Ancestors is a prayerful and relational offering—and it is important that our engagement with money be coherent with our deepest intentions for cultural healing and collective liberation.

In commitment to right livelihood for guides, compensation for accountability partners, and acts of redistribution and reparations, we ask for participants to make financial contributions on a sliding scale of $250-500.

Participants are asked to invest at the highest possible level when registering for the course. This helps to eliminate barriers to access for all, covers the real costs of the course, and supports our redistribution and reparations practices.


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This inaugural offering is a rigorous personal learning journey and emergent communal inquiry. Through a series of online sessions, home study and practice, and culminating in a collaborative ritual project, we will explore the earth-cherishing traditions of our ancestors, the harm our ancestors endured, the harm our ancestors caused, and the ways ancestors resisted and persisted along the way. Together, we will honor the lineages that we’ve inherited, lay down the inheritances which no longer serve, and hold space for the grief—and relief—of letting go.

We re-call our ancestors in service of reparations, repair, and re-imagining a world of flourishing. We believe convening white and white passing folx in caucus with each other and our lineages will further the efforts in our communities towards cross-cultural and multi-racial healing. When we as anti-racists strengthen our own resilience and relationships—individually and collectively—through ancestral practices and cultural reclamation, we have far more to offer multi-racial movements for justice.

Over the course of our time, we will explore how we, as white and white-passing folx:
  • Build healthy anti-racist identity, in connection with our ancestors
  • Co-create vibrant, ancestrally-rooted cultures of solidarity
  • Participate in meaningful cross-cultural and cross-racial exchange
  • Call each other in to deeper transformative movement building in ways that are fun, creative, generative, and healing


This short-form offering will begin on the New Moon, traverse the seasonal Cross-Quarter, and complete on the following New Moon.

  • Program: January 31–March 2, 2022
  • Schedule: Weekly meetings on Thursdays, February 3, 10, 17 and 24
  • Time: 9:3011:30am PST  (5:307:30pm GMT)