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Our campaign goal to raise $600,000 by May 1 was achieved!


And we are still accepting donations.
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By now, most are aware of the extensive losses The Ojai Foundation suffered in the Thomas Fire. (View video above for post-fire drone footage.)
Alongside the ongoing clean-up and recovery process, the Thomas Fire has catalyzed TOF to begin to re-envision the sanctuary and reimagine our future. This Recover & Reimagine phase is a critical step before embarking on Phase 2: Design & Build Anew. We are approaching these changes with care at a pace slow enough to listen deeply to the land, the voices of the ancestors, and those of the future generations.
What are they calling us to do?
What needs to be let go of, and what needs to be brought forth?
What is most relevant in this rebirth of The Ojai Foundation, given the needs of the world in these times?
Our goal for Phase 1: Recover & Reimagine, was to raise $600,000 by May 1, 2018. These emergency funds will help us complete debris removal and clean-up, restore basic infrastructure, steward the regeneration of the land, and host an ongoing visioning process. Below is a list of needs and expenses during Phase 1.

RECOVER & REIMAGINE 2018: Needs List and Costs

  1. Repair & Restore Earthen Structures                                                                   $65,000
  2. Consolidate & Clear Debris                                                                                   $120,000
  3. Restore & Care for Land & Vegetation                                                                 $80,000
  4. Repair and Improve Water Systems                                                                      $75,000
  5. Establish Cooking/Dining Area                                                                              $70,000
  6. Repair Damaged Infrastructure                                                                             $60,000
  7. Reimagine Site Design, Master Plan & Programming                                     $80,000
  8. Contingency Fund                                                                                                      $50,000


                                                                                                        TOTAL COST      $600,000


We are grateful  that our global community has stepped up to support this recovery effort in this time of immense need and exciting opportunity.
We know we will rise again, with an inspiring vision, rooted in timeless wisdom – a timely response relevant to the pressing issues of today. We feel the expanded possibility to begin again with strengthened partnerships and a bold and exciting dream in service to this beautiful, sacred Earth.
Thank you for your contribution.  You are making a difference.
With gratitude,
Executive Stewardship Circle (ESC)
David Bryan, Brendan Clarke, Shay Sloan, and Laura Whitney