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Blk Crcl

Donate to support Blk Crcl

The Ojai Foundation is excited to welcome Blk Crcl as a fiscally sponsored project. Blk Crcl is a Black-led initiative aiming to facilitate the generational healing of Black people and Black communities impacted by historical and current systems of racial and social oppression. Through our partnership, we prioritize equity and access to healing, nature-connection, and transformative education.

We have received a $1,500 match grant for Blk Crcl. Donations will be doubled, dollar for dollar, up to $1,500. Please donate to support their essential efforts and help us match the grant.





This spring, we would like to hear Your Story from The Ridge. Truly, every person who has come to the Land Sanctuary has a story (or stories) of lessons learned, relationships built. We would like to hear your stories: What have you learned? What do you celebrate? What gifts have you given; what have you received?

Join us for an online community council or submit your story online.

The online community council will be held on Wednesday, March 9, 2022, 11am – 1:30pm PST, and hosted by Yamin Chehin.





Honoring heart centered engagement around release, rebirth, growth, ideas, and dreaming. With Dr. Elena Esparza, DC (Barrio Healer, Earth Mother Medicine, Manual Medicine) and Elena RĂ­os (Certified Nature & Forest Therapy Guide, Interdisciplinary Artist, Ceremonial Practitioner).

Bring your own picnic lunch to enjoy together in the beautiful outdoors after the closing circle.

$150 per person. 15 person limit. Limited scholarships available. Please inquire.

Sunday, March 20, 8am-1pm PST.




The Trainers’ Mentoring Circle shepherds Council-Trainers-to-be through their learning journey. New Council Trainers will be confirmed under the Teaching Tree at the Land Sanctuary.

Join us in celebration of the newly graduated Council Trainers.

Save the Date: May 21 & 22, 2022

The Ojai Foundation Land Sanctuary, Upper Ojai, CA



This June, The Ojai Foundation will complete our time as stewards of the Land Sanctuary. You are invited to mark the moment with us, in ceremony. For those unable to come in person, we will have a remote/Zoom portion of the weekend. Please save the date.  

*Clopening is a merging of two words: closing and opening. With this, we honor that when one chapter closes, another opens. For us, we are closing a chapter of stewardship and honoring the continuity of the stewardship that will follow.

(For more information about the changes for TOF and the Land, see this FAQs page.)

Save the Date: June 25 & 26, 2022

The Ojai Foundation Land Sanctuary, Upper Ojai, CA

Visiting Hours

Wednesday – Sunday 9am-2pm.
*During March 2022, The Ojai Foundation will be CLOSED for public visiting. We will resume normal hours on April 1, 2022.