Announcing The FIRE Fellowship

Over the past two years, alongside our recovery, we have taken the opportunity provided by the Thomas Fire to reimagine how best to serve in these times. This has included both what we do and how we do it. Today, we are excited to share some of the fruits of that time. 
In particular, we are excited to announce a flagship program: The FIRE Fellowship. Help spread the word.

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 The FIRE Fellowship

The Foundations In Resilience Education Fellowship (FIRE) is an immersive learning journey for young adults, designed to weave together spirituality, social justice, nature connection, and leadership for relevant action. FIRE aims to support young leaders, ages 18-30, to deepen their foundation in practices for resilience and emergence, and thereby increase their capacity to respond to the needs of their communities, and the world. 
The fellowship brings together a diverse cohort to create a common space for growth, renewal, collaboration, and action. As a collaboration between The Ojai Foundation (TOF) and Youth PassageWays (YPW), FIRE is not so much a program as it is an investment, in leaders and in relationships, as we collectively respond to the cultural and ecological challenges and opportunities of our times.

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Through this and other offerings, we aim to support the emergence of regenerative culture, relevant action in changing times, and provide sanctuary for individuals, families, networks and communities of practice.
We remain committed to our core practices, including council, rites of passage, stewardship, and learning ancient and emergent practices from wisdom teachers and traditions. We also remain committed to a sane pace and working within a seasonal rhythm in tune with the land we steward. We look forward to seeing you at The Ojai Foundation in the coming years.

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