Request for Redistributions


Will you help us redistribute camping gear for our community members seeking access to the outdoors? 

This is a call for redistribution and mutual aid. We are organizing as a caucus of white people from the Ojai Foundation and Youth Passageways Network, working together through The FIRE Fellowship. Our efforts are in the service of Black wellness, Indigenous self-determination, the thriving of the People of the Global Majority.* As white people who benefit from systems of racist and colonialist oppression, we are committed to reparations and the redistribution of resources. 

Safe and enjoyable access to wild spaces, camping opportunities, and outdoor education is stratified by systemic forces of race, class, gender, and ability. In order to face historical and disproportionate barriers to quality gear, we are asking our communities to redistribute resources that will enable black, indigenous, people of color (BIPOC) organizers and leaders in their relationship to the wilderness.

We imagine that you, like us, have experience giving to charity. You may even have experience with philanthropy. We are inviting you now to give as an act of wealth redistribution. 

We are asking for people with access to more money than they need — be it a dollar or a million or more — to move resources to those in need. 

Redistributing accumulated wealth and materials is a powerful social act that can both support individuals and communities in acute need, as well as contribute to generational healing.

We are looking to outfit 10 BIPOC leaders with gear by May 1st. 

We’re accepting donations of high quality and lightly used gear. Our goal is to redistribute an equivalent of $3,000 of gear.

Ways to help:

  1. Give money via Venmo: @EmilyRyanAlford or via Paypal:
  2. Give money via a social profit for tax deduction via The Ojai Foundation. Please include “redistribution” and/or Reparations and Redistribution Fund in the notes.
  3. Email with a list of your gently used gear (Subject: “Redistribution”).
  4. Share this call with your family and friends and/or via social media.

With your support, we can outfit the F.I.R.E. Fellows for our upcoming wilderness expedition — any additional gear and resources will go to a Gear Library at the Ojai Foundation, creating a foundation for future access and ensuring all participants are empowered in their relationship with nature.

In gratitude and in solidarity,

*** People of the Global Majority (PoGM, a term used to replace the language “People of Color” which seeks to correct the false frame of “minorities”, and honors the wide variations in skin color). ***