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Women’s Spring Equinox Mini Retreat

Guided Nature Immersion & Flower Essence Workshop

Price: $150.00 ($50 non-refundable registration fee included)

RSVP Required: Yes!


Honoring heart centered engagement around release, rebirth, growth, ideas, and dreaming.

With Dr. Elena Esparza, DC – Barrio Healer, Earth Mother Medicine, Manual Medicine and Elena Ríos – Certified Nature & Forest Therapy Guide, Interdisciplinary Artist, Ceremonial Practitioner. 

Bring your own picnic lunch to enjoy together in the beautiful outdoors after the closing circle.

$150.00 per person (includes a $50.00 registration fee). 15 persons limit.

Limited scholarships available. If you would like to apply, fill this form by March 3rd, 2022.



8:00 am: check in registration  

8:15 am: Introduction/Opening Circle, *copaltemaliztl 

9:00 am: Guided Nature Immersion Walk: Rooted in the ancient human practice of nature connection that is reflected in Indigenous Knowledge all over the world.  Relax, restore, reconnect. You will be given directions, in the form of invitations, that are designed to assist you in slowing down, and finding your own way of being in relationship to nature, land, and place. It is more about being “here”, in the moment, then it is about being “there”. An integrative therapy that can help us to let all of the miscellaneous fall away for the moment, and allow our true selves to emerge, also reminding us of the Interconnection of All Things. Ends with a ceremony of sharing tea made from native plants that have been respectfully foraged in the area.


The Guided nature Immersion Walk will fold into the Flower Essence workshop: Explore this complementary herbal essence therapy. These remedies contain the vibrational energy of flowers, which may improve thoughts, emotions, depression, and ease anxiety and pain. During the Nature Immersion walk you will be invited to mindfully gather plant materials such as flowers, leaves, or bark of a plant that will later be included in the creation of your very own personalized flower essence that you will bottle and take home.

12:30 pm: Closing Circle, *copaltemaliztl 

Bring your own picnic lunch to enjoy together in the beautiful outdoors after the closing circle

*copaltemaliztl = burning of copal




What to bring:

  • Water
  • Important medications (bring EpiPen if you are allergic to wasp, hornet, or bee stings)
  • Comfortable closed toe walking shoes. (Boots that cover up the ankle are recommended during rattlesnake season in early spring and summer.)
  • Layered clothing so you may adjust to weather and/or temperature changes as needed.
  • A day pack or bag in which to keep your things.

Optional considerations:

  • A “lightweight folding camping stool” or “sit-upon” that can be easily carried. You will be invited to sit on the ground at times. Some people bring a mat or a towel to sit on, and some don’t bring anything. It is up to you.
  • The ground may (or may not) be damp in certain places.
  • Insect repellent (seasons change, and opinions vary.)
  • A walking stick if you find it helpful. Terrain may be rocky or uneven.
  • Sun hat
  • Sunscreen (unscented)


The Ojai Foundation is committed to making the work accessible, particularly for those who have traditionally faced barriers in accessing such courses. As one part of this, we have a limited amount of needs-based financial aid available for people who identify as black, indigenous, latinx, asian, or other historically marginalized and/or racialized identities. Please fill this form with inquiries.




Elena Ríos

Certified Nature & Forest Therapy Guide, Interdisciplinary Artist, Ceremonial Practitioner

Elena Ríos is an ANFT Certified Nature & Forest Therapy Guide. Holding a BFA from the San Francisco Art Institute, she is an interdisciplinary artist, author, and proud mother of a son who is a healthcare practitioner, outdoorsman, and avid surfer. She draws inspiration from the stories of her late grandmother, a curandera, who applied her traditional plant medicine knowledge by offering holistic healing and bone setting services in her San Fernando, CA neighborhood.  She has gratitude for the support from those relatives who helped her to cultivate a lifelong relationship to land and place in the foothills of Sequioa National Forest. As a young adult, she worked on such specialized wildland firefighting crews as Interagency Hot Shots, at a time when women were just beginning to do so.  She strives to assist with traditional circles of learning rooted in Indigenous Knowledge to help build support for women, veterans, first responders, and others through these ways that have been passed down by elders and teachers of the past. At present, she makes her home on Chumash land in “Awha’y (Ojai), CA. Currently she is also an employee of the Chumash Fire Department, Santa Ynez Band of Chumash Mission Indians, where she hopes to build upon her training as a Cultural Specialist. A native Californian, she is an Indigenous Nahua/Chicana woman with mixed European ancestry. 

Visit Elena’s Instagram.





Dr. Elena Esparza, DC

Barrio Healer, Earth Mother Medicine, Manual Medicine

Dr. Elena Esparza is the founder of Just Breathe Healing. Her life has been dedicated to creating, to inspiring and to connecting to all living beings and building relationships that nurture growth, healing, transformation and deep, lasting interactions. This amazing web of life cannot be journeyed alone…and we are not capable of true evolution or transcendence alone. We need each other, we need all that is. That is the meaning of relationships and growth, transformation and Love. This is truly a Loveolution and I am an emissary of this revolution. 

Check her website here.