Event Details

Reimagining Rites of Passage
at The Ojai Foundation and beyond
A daylong dialogue in collaboration with
Youth Passageways.
Monday, November 12th
New Roads School, Santa Monica
RSVP  business@ojaifoundation.org

As you know, The Ojai Foundation is undergoing a tremendous wave of change in the wake of the Thomas Fire. Every level of the organization, business, land, and community is being affected, to varying degrees, by this transformation. With this change comes an opportunity for us to collectively ask: Where to from here? What serves now? What has changed in the world over the decades we have been on the ridge, and how can we reimagine our future to better respond, today?

This day-long gathering is intended as a dialogue centered on some of the key questions we are faced with as we carry on in our work, including how we work with multiculturalism, whiteness, decolonization, social justice, cultural appropriation, cultural healing, cultural humility, etc, and how these topics inform our programming and Rites of Passage offerings. This day will not focus only on TOF, but also how the cultural tides are evolving and how others are responding in their lives, work, and organizations. A more formal invitation will follow, but for now, please consider this a Save-the-Date.

Please note, this event is by-invitation-only, and not a public event. If there is someone you would like to have in attendance from your organization or otherwise, please send their information to Mariah Simpson. Space is limited, and TOF affiliates and partners will be prioritized.

Please RSVP to Mariah, our new Operations Manager, at business@ojaifoundation.org by November 2, at the latest. We hope to see you there!