The Ojai Foundation’s (TOF) Council of Advisors is made up of people who believe in our mission and see value in staying connected with the land and the community. The Council of Advisors is a diverse group able to offer consultation and advice on a wide variety of topics including: progressive education, visionary leadership, strategic planning, nonprofit management, finance, public relations and marketing, fundraising, sustainable communities, and more. Advisors can also serve as “connectors”  who help TOF expand its networks, enhance its impact, and bring our work to a wider audience both in Southern California and elsewhere. Members of the Council of Advisors have no ongoing obligations or duties other than to be listed on our letterhead and/or website and to be available for occasional guidance and advice.

The Ojai Foundation is committed to widening the circle in many different ways in this crucial time in our country and in our world. Advisors are a key part of this and together represent a community of people that we are inspired and nourished by. We hope that in joining with us, advisors will experience a “win/ win” and that their lives too will be enriched by the association. We are grateful for all the advisors’ care and connection, knowing that all are already making significant contributions, in their own lives and work, to more regenerative, just, and healthy relations with all.

We welcome nominations from our extended community. Here is a current list of our Advisors:

Douglas Adrianson

Shai Ardebilchi

Matthew Auric

Itaf Awad

Leon Berg

Edward Casey

Gigi Coyle

Marie de Beauvoir

Sam DeBoskey

Rob Dreaming

Ellie Duke

Doug Ellis

Justine Epstein

Darakshan Farber

Aaron Frederick

Siri Gunnarson

Joan Halifax

Galit Hanien

Shai Hanien

Brook Hopper

Marlow Hotchkiss

Mark Ivener

Jesse Jessup

Krystyna Jurzykowski

Kelly Kagan

Meredith Kaplan

Vera Kleinhammes

Sabine Lichtenfels

Kate Lipkis

Lola Rae Long

Caroline MacDougall

Amber McIntyre

Tara Milliken

Alan Mobley

Immanuel Otto

William Perkins Tift

Connie Packard

Betsy Perluss

Win Phelps

Joe Provisor

Leslie Roberts

Marc Rosner

Yvan Rytz

Will Scott

Sharon Shay Sloan

Jared Seide

Alexis Slutzky

Irasha Talifero

Julie Tumamait

Benjamin von Mendelssohn

Daniel Wahl

Mary Watkins

Joann Webb

Marion Weil

Jack Zimmerman