• Kellie
    Dedicated Volunteer

    "I cherished my experience at The Ojai Foundation. I still day dream about going back. Maybe someday. The jobs I did were very fulfilling. Filling water bowls for creatures to drink from. Cleaning up the statues and adding flowers. (I really fell in love with Beauty Way.) The experience was like nothing I've ever done before and has helped me be a more aware person about the world around me."

  • Teybran
    Volunteer Electrician

    ""It's a peaceful and quiet place where I volunteer my time to learn new ways to realize my dream."

  • Olivia
    Dedicated Volunteer 2014

    "I have yet to meet a more mindful community. Working at Ojai is not really working- it's about gaining the awareness we're all in this together. It's a place where art, science, and magic are embedded in every step you take. It's a retreat back into the heart of the matter, a journey to find your soul." 

  • Ellie
    Dedicated Volunteer 2013

    "Council was really amazing. I loved the practice of deep listening and having people really listen to what I was saying and knowing that everyone there truly cared about what I had to say. Work Exchange truly exceeded my expectations...the kindness and spirit of the people on the Land were what made the experience so amazing."

  • J.K.
    an inmate participating in the Lancaster Prison Project

    "In Council I'm not just the bad things I've done; I get to be all of me... You see that we're all the same on the inside, in our hearts."