Images from the Recent Fire

Friday, December 8, 2017

The miracle of fire, combined with the heavy fuel loads caused by years of drought, and the intensity of Southern California’s ferocious Santa Ana Winds, brought upheaval to the lives of so many in our community. Fires swept through the area with a fury rarely seen. Within hours, a small blaze became a fire that consumed several thousand acres, and in the hours since then, the “Thomas Fire” has grown to over 65,000 acres and counting.

Fire swept through the Foundation. Many structures were taken by the fire, and some of the old friends remain. With the exception of Rock River and Owl, all of the hermitages, including the Sage House, were taken. The program and Upperlands kitchens, pottery studio, and tipi were also burned. The Gateway, the Office, and the Council House are intact. Frog and Grove bathrooms also remain. The Horizon Hut (Maha Yurt) sustained damage, and is mostly okay. The Teaching Tree survived, as did the Annie Besant Tree, the Amitaba Buddha, the shrines, and the Coyote/Dolphin statue. The surrounding landscape is barren and charred, showing us the power and the movement of the fire.