WALKING WATER: A Pilgrimage for Our Times

Tue, 10/10/2017
Join Walking Water at public events in Los Angeles.

Click here for PDF of public events and community walks.


WALKING WATER - A Pilgrimage for our Times.  Click here for more info.

As proud partners with WALKING WATER, we share with you the invitation below to join for a community walk or public event this month as the third and final phase of WALKING WATER moves through Los Angeles and all the way to the sea. WALKING WATER is a prayer and an action to restore our relationship with water and all life. The pilgrimage began three years ago in the Eastern Sierra at the headwaters of the Owens River and then along the Department of Water and Power's Los Angeles Aqueduct to Owens (Dry) Lake. Last year, they walked from Owens Lake to the Cascade in Sylmar. This year the pilgrimage will begin at the Cascade and cross Los Angeles. 

WALKING WATER intends to attract the interest, and open the hearts of people who live in Southern California, to further move and inspire them to understand the impacts of their personal lifestyles on other people and the ecosystem, and motivate and equip them to make effective changes in those lifestyles that can reduce the amount of water they use, waste, and pollute.  TOF Elder Gigi Coyle is one of three Core Team members along with founder Kate Bunney and Paiute Water Protector Alan Bacock. TOF President Laura Whitney is also a member of the team. Please join us in Los Angeles at one of the events below.