Council Immersion


Mon, 07/03/2017 - 5:00pm to Tue, 07/18/2017 - 5:00pm

Contact to register.

This program is designed for people who are already facilitating councils and are familiar with the practice. Come and join a 15-day immersion of diverse trainings, gatherings, and workshops. Connect to your self, others, and nature during your stay at The Ojai Foundation Land Sanctuary--a beautiful, semi-wilderness, 40-acre ridge in the upper Ojai Valley of southern California.

Some events include:

  • Council 2 and 3 Trainings
  • Inter-dependence Day Celebration on July 4
  • International Council Gathering
  • Council in Schools, Prisons, Organizations, and Communities
  • Council with Couples

Note: Nature of Council at Three Creeks in Big Pine June 20-27 is FULL. Contact Gigi Coyle at to be put on the wait list. 

You will deepen your understanding and practice of council through:

  • games, exercises, somatic practices, and new forms
  • ceremony
  • exploring the mentor/mentee relationship
  • time in nature
  • song, dance, and art

Some of the council trainers who will be present include:

  • Itaf Awad
  • Leon Berg
  • Gigi Coyle
  • Han Delissen
  • Rob Dreaming
  • Siri Gunnarson
  • Eran Halevi
  • Nurit Halevi
  • Galit Hanien
  • Marlow Hotchkiss
  • Tina Kansy
  • Lola Rae Long
  • Alan Mobley
  • Joe Provisor
  • Leslie Roberts
  • Marc Rosner
  • Adam Rumack
  • Yvan Rytz
  • Jared Seide
  • Shay Sloan
  • Laura Whitney
  • Glori Zeltzer
  • Jack Zimmerman 
  • and many more, both local and international!

*Tentative Schedule:

Date(s) Program Description Facilitator(s)
June 20-27 Nature of Council REGISTRATION FULL. Held at Three Creeks in Big Pine. (5 hours from Ojai) Gigi Coyle and Team
June 30-July 2 Council 2 Training During this rich weekend immersion we explore working with challenging situations, conflict, and "the Shadow." Kate Lipkis and Jeannie Gunter
July 1-2 Family Council  Bring your whole family for this weekend event. TBD
July 3 Land Walk with Elders A simple ceremonial time to connect to TOF's history and place. TOF Elders
July 4 Interdependence Day Celebration An Open House. All local council carriers invited for song council, dance, and stand-up time for networking around what is needed and what is offered Laura Whitney, Adam Rumack, and Miriam Tassone
July 5 Council in Schools An informational and educational gathering. Joe Provisor, Mark Rosner, and Jack Zimmerman
July 6 Council Games Council, laughter, and FUN! Learn how to use council to engage folks of all ages. Galit Hanien and others
July 7 Setting the Field Weaving the Immersion and preparing for the Gathering. Gigi Coyle and others
July 7-9 International Council Gathering Join us for a gathering of council carriers from all over the globe. Alan Mobley, Siri Gunnarson, and others
July 10 Open Rest and rejuvenate. Possible self-organized, small group gatherings. N/A
July 11 Council with Couples Get comfortable with using the practice of council in your intimate relationship. Leon Berg, Glori Zeltzer, Jack Zimmerman, and others
July 12 Council in Organizations, Communities, and Networks Strengthening communities through the power of council. Marlow Hotchkiss, Gigi Coyle, Shay Sloan, and others
July 13 Council in Prison and Social Justice Organizations Get an update on how council is being used in correctional centers and learn how to get involved. Jared Seide, Alan Mobley, and others
July 14-16 Council 3 Training An advanced workshop designed for experienced council facilitators who feel called to live the practice.  Marlow Hotchkiss and Leslie Roberts
July 17 Mentoring Day Mentors and mentees come together! with TMC, ECN, and MH
July 18 Closing Close the container on this immersion with final meetings, ceremony, and next steps. TBD

*subject to change!


Contact to register.
The fee for this 18-day immersion is $850 which includes:
  • shared accommodations
  • food (1-2 meals per day)
  • International Council Gathering (at a discounted rate of $150, which is included in your total)

The weekend council trainings may be purchased separately.

We intend to find gifts from your communities and ours so that all may be able to attend and our expenses will be covered….. so that money will not be the reason one cannot attend.

All those who are interested in attending, please submit a letter of intent to Katie at In this letter be sure to include why you feel called to come, your experience facilitating council or its equivalent, and how you plan to share what you learn. Please also include a 5-10 sentence bio and a headshot. Based on these letters, we can move forward. Any received later than March one will be harder to include in our efforts.